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What Exactly is Pokémon Go?


Pokémon Go is a brand new free-to-play game available for mobile devices.  It brings the diverse Pokémon franchise to a new platform and proves irresistible in its draw to see how many Pokémon you can collect. In a nutshell, it is a game where players can use their mobile devices to track virtual critters, capture them, power them up, and then battle them. Based on the extensive Pokémon anime and video game franchise, Pokémon Go brings an […]

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6 Pokemon Secrets No One Is Telling You About!


You must be living on Mars if you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now. Even if you don’t play the game, you might have been annoyed at people getting in your way with their phones as they look for creatures. It’s that popular and this craze is sweeping across the US. Unlike normal video games, Pokemon Go requires a lot of physical movement and a certain amount of strategy if you wish to do well. If […]

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