Pokémon GO Plus Details Emerge

Pokémon Go Plus finally launches on September 16th after being delayed. There is a bunch of new info that the device does track distance walked contrary to info stated by Nintendo early on. More below.


Nintendo stated this a while back via PR about the Pokémon GO Plus device:

Pokémon GO does not track distance walked when running in the background.

However, a Reddit user who has received their unit early has been testing the device and has discovered that it does indeed track distance when in use.

Egg and buddy distance went up 1.1km with phone locked. Confirmed it tracks distance when app in background.

This is fantastic news as it makes the device seem more worthwhile rather then just pure novelty. Will you be picking up Pokémon Go Plus? Many stores had their pre-orders sold out but I’d expect to see them pop up again online and in brick and mortar retailers on launch.

[via reddit.com and Source]


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