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Pokémon Merchandise Is Becoming The Hot New Trend In Affiliate Marketing


With the advent of Pokémon Go, one of the biggest merchandizing franchises in the gaming industry has come back to life – in a big way. If you were around in the late nineties or early 2000s when Pokémon was very popular, you may remember all the different things you could own with Pikachu and his friends on it. Expect all that merchandise to come back along with quite a few new gadgets and gizmos themed around […]

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How To Profit From Pokémon Go as a Blogger


If you’re a blogger and you haven’t found a way to tie into the latest Pokémon Go craze, you may be missing out on a lot of traffic and fun way to interact with your audience. You can easily work this latest trend into just about any niche. Let’s run through a few examples to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you to explore this topic for your own blog. Share Your Own Experience And Motivation […]

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Use Pokémon Go Attract More Foot Traffic To Your Brick and Mortar Business


Pokémon Go is the latest crazy hitting the country and as a savvy business owner, you can take advantage of this app to drive more traffic to your local business. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the game and chances are you’ve seen people in your town and in your neighbourhood walking around looking at their phones, trying to catch Pokémon. The fact that they are walking around is good news for your […]

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Thanks To Pokémon Go You Can Become a Real World Pokémon Trainer


Did you watch and play Pokémon growing up? If so, becoming a Pokémon trainer was probably top on your list of things you wanted to do when you grew up. Thanks to the brand new Pokémon Go app, you can make that a reality and earn some real cash as a trainer in a variety of different ways. Earlier today I came across a business savvy person who posted a detailed craigslist ad offering to play Pokémon […]

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Share Your Gaming Know How And Profit From Pokémon Go


If you’re a gamer and familiar with the Pokémon universe, why not apply that knowhow and expertise to the new Pokémon Go craze that’s sweeping the country and cash in. If you have something to share, contribute to the conversation, and help out new players, it’s time to get to work. Start A Blog And Social Media Following One of the easiest ways to share your gaming knowhow and profit from the Pokémon Go crazy is to […]

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